Akin Ogurol Launches QBS AG, A FinTech Company Merging Banking and Blockchain Worlds

Akin Ogurol is an entrepreneur and investor from Germany.

BREMEN, GERMANY, April 7, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Akin Ogurol, a seasoned entrepreneur from Germany, has successfully raised millions of Euros in seed and early-stage investments for his new FinTech company, QBS AG. The funding comes from a group of recognized international investors, including crypto founders and Forbes-listed investors, who have placed their trust in Ogurol and his vision.

Ogurol’s entrepreneurial journey began over twelve years ago, during which he has built and sold several businesses and organizations. Banks have exploited him in the past and have referred or even implemented his ideas as a start-up founder, and he has always wanted to start his own bank to show banks that you don’t only become successful by playing false games. Ogurol’s new company, QBS AG, is his chance to merge the banking and blockchain worlds into a better world.

QBS AG is a FinTech company that only serves selected customers who belong to its “circle of trust”. The company’s goal is to offer the best, most luxurious and service-oriented services to this group of customers. Ogurol’s mission is to provide a better banking experience, especially for those who banks have exploited in the past and are treated like account numbers.

With the help of his co-founders, Sascha Dückers (CTO) and Thomas Dick (CFO), Ogurol secured significant funding for QBS AG. Dückers has extensive experience with blockchain technology, having worked on the technology for countless years before it became mainstream. Dick, on the other hand, has a deep understanding of finance and has worked with Ogurol for almost ten years.

“That’s why I’m excited to announce the launch of QBS AG, a FinTech company that aims to bring together the world of banking and blockchain,” Ogurol said. “With the support of trusted investors and my exceptional team, we are confident that QBS AG will lead the industry in using technology to provide the best services to our clients,” he added.

Ogurol’s entrepreneurial experience was instrumental in securing funding for QBS AG. He has built and sold several businesses and knows how to do it right and on time.

Ogurol’s vision for QBS AG is to create a better and easier banking experience by merging the banking and blockchain worlds. He wants to serve a select group of customers who have not been accepted by banks so far because of their origin, skin colour, religion or country, among other reasons. “I know many dark secrets of the banks,” says Ogurol. With the help of his co-founders and trustworthy investors, Ogurol is confident that he can achieve his goals.

Learn more at: http://www.qbs.ag
For updates, follow QBS AG on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/qbs-ag/

About the company:
QBS AG is a visionary and dynamic FinTech company based in Bremen, Germany, founded by Akin Ogurol and his trusted co-founders Thomas Dick and Sascha Dückers. Backed by highly respected and internationally recognized investors, CB Ventures, QBS AG aims to revolutionize the world of banking.

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