Award-winning Film Producer Adriana Kostetska is making her directorial debut with ‘Sweet Struggle’

Adriana Kostetska is a Ukrainian-born film producer and director known for her films that shed new light on children.

UNITED STATES, June 25, 2023/ — Adriana Kostetska, renowned for her inspiring cinematic narratives that spotlight the struggles and triumphs of children, is all set to mark her directorial debut with her short-film Sweet Struggle. With a successful career in film production, Kostetska’s transition to directing aligns with her steadfast commitment to giving voice to children’s issues.

Kostetska’s directorial debut is an emotionally resonant movie that explores the life of a young boy living with Type 1 diabetes and the heartfelt journey of his mother, who navigates the challenges that accompany his condition. This deeply touching story is poised to bring to the fore the often-overlooked complexities of managing chronic illnesses in children, continuing Kostetska’s legacy of advocating for children through her films.

“We need to spotlight these stories. Kids have their unique struggles, and through my films, I intend to raise awareness about these issues. My transition into directing is a step towards becoming more involved in the storytelling process. I am excited and ready for this new chapter,” said Kostetska.

Over the years, Kostetska has made a name for herself in the film industry with her empathetic and nuanced portrayal of children in challenging family dynamics. Her ability to work effectively with child actors and elicit compelling performances is a testament to her talent, skill, and patience as a filmmaker. Her journey as a director, while being a notable shift, builds on her inherent strength of understanding and depicting children’s perspectives.

Hot on the heels of this achievement, Kostetska has more gripping stories lined up. Among these is “Receding,” a poignant narrative centered around the topic of Alopecia in children. The film has already received recognition, winning Best Short Film at the Chicago Feedback Film Festival and Best Acting Debut at the Cannes World Film Festival, reinforcing Kostetska’s reputation as a leading voice in socially conscious cinema.

Through her work over the years, Adriana Kostetska has shown a remarkable ability to work with child actors and her dedication to raising awareness about children’s issues through cinema. Her films, such as “Immigrant Mother” and “Our Broken Family,” have won several awards and accolades in renowned film festivals.

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