Big Nate Allstar Drops New Song About Boston Police Wrongly Accusing His Father Of Murder

Big Nate Allstar’s new song addresses Boston Police wrongly accusing his father of murder, highlighting the impact of systemic injustice.

What was done to you was unjust, unfair, racist and wrong.”

— Mayor Wu

BOSTON, MA, USA, February 17, 2024 / — In a heartfelt expression of personal grief and societal outcry, Big Nate Allstar, the rising Massachusetts rapper, has unleashed a compelling new song recounting the harrowing ordeal of his father, who was wrongfully accused of murder by the Boston police in 1989. This latest track offers a poignant narrative, delving into the enduring impact of false accusations, systemic injustice, and the profound toll it takes on families and communities. Through evocative lyrics and heartfelt delivery, Big Nate Allstar’s music serves as a powerful testament to the lingering scars of injustice and the urgent need for reform within law enforcement institutions.

At a press conference in early December, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu formally apologized to two men wrongfully connected to the October 1989 Charles Stuart case.

Mayor Wu stated “We are here today to acknowledge the tremendous pain that the city of Boston inflicted on Black residents throughout our neighborhoods 34 years ago,” said Wu. “The mayor’s office, city officials and the Boston Police Department took actions that directly harmed these families and continue to impact the larger community, reopening a wound that has gone untended for decades.”

In October 1989, Charles Stuart informed the police that he and his pregnant wife Carol were shot in their car by a Black assailant as they departed a birthing class at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Tragically, Carol and her unborn child lost their lives in the incident, while Stuart sustained injuries to his abdomen but managed to survive.

“There was no evidence that a Black man committed this crime,” said Wu. “But that didn’t matter because the story was one that confirmed and exposed the beliefs that so many shared…At every level and at every opportunity, those in power closed their eyes to the truth because the lie felt familiar. They saw the story they wanted to see.”

In January 1990, Matthew Stuart told police his brother Charles was the one who killed Carol. Before he could be arrested, Charles Stuart jumped off the Tobin Bridge.

“On behalf of the Boston Police Department, the mayor’s office and the entire city of Boston, I want to say to Mr. Swanson and Mr. Bennett, the entire Bennett family and Boston’s entire Black community, I am so sorry for what you endured,” said Wu. “I am so sorry for the pain that you have carried for so many years. What was done to you was unjust, unfair, racist and wrong.”

The case is getting new attention due to a new docuseries, “Murder in Boston,” that aired on HBO.

You can watch the audio visual for “William Bennett” here on Youtube:

Big Nate was recently in Las Vegas to support the premiere of Wu Tang’s new residency. He stopped by for an interview with Lit In Vegas host Phoenix Orien (@iamphoenixorien) and later performed at the after party with special guests Cappadonna, Inspectah Deck and Young Dirty Bastard.

He discussed the case of his father William Young during the interview as well as his newly launching cannabis business.

Watch the Las Vegas recap and clips of the interview here (via Lit In Vegas):

The day following the interview, the single “William Bennett” charted on I-Tunes Hip Hop singles chart, peaking at #24.

Also during the Interview, Wu Tang member Cappadonna and close family friend of Big Nate demanded to the city of Boston, “We want that check!” Big Nate stated that the apology “Wasn’t Enough.”

Nate is a former Worcester State baseball star who was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays. Nathaniel Bennett, aka Big Nate Allstar, is now celebrating his approval for a Social Equity license for cannabis delivery and a Social Consumption Lounge, aiming to uplift his family from decades of systemic injustice with entrepreneurial ambition.

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