Brian Mark all set to become the Biggest and Most Consistent Player in the Online Fitness Industry


Brian Mark has grand ambitions to become the biggest player in the online fitness industry.

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Canada’s fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar sector. More importantly, it continues to grow as people become more aware of the benefits of exercise and nutrition for their minds and bodies. However, several factors have plagued the industry, preventing it from growing. For instance, the industry’s paradigms have remained mostly stagnant over the past two decades. However, if Brian Mark has his way, things won’t persist this way for long.

The Canadian-born entrepreneur is leading the charge, shaking up the industry’s dynamics. In addition to owning one of the country’s best gyms, Iron Energy, with his partner, Cole Luis DaSilva, Brian co-founded PT Domination and the Million Dollar Mastermind programs. These programs help fitness trainers start and scale their online coaching businesses, making them financially independent. Furthermore, Brian also hosts one of the world’s top-rated podcasts for fitness trainers, Change Lives, Make Money.

In conversation, Brian shared, “I believe PT Domination and the Million Dollar Mastermind program are two game-changers within the fitness industry. They’re redefining the industry’s paradigms. More importantly, they’re opening new doors and opportunities for fitness trainers, helping them escape the 9-5 rat race. I believe these ventures will cement my position as one of the leading figures in the fitness industry. Moreover, my podcast has also been named the number-one show for online trainers. My work ethic is unparalleled, and I’m constantly bringing new ideas to the table. I believe my future is very bright.”

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Brian Mark is a Canadian fitness trainer and entrepreneur who owns one of Canada’s best gyms, Iron Energy. In addition, he’s also the co-founder of PT Domination with his business Cole Luis DaSilva. Furthermore, he also hosts the Change Lives, Make Money Podcast.

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