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Celebrate Canada Day with Canada-Give a Cheer! and other songs at SongsAboutCanada.ca

The songs describe Canadian work-life, our towns, cities and love for the outdoors. Skiers, canoeists, cyclists, hockey players will recognize the imagery.””

— Songwriter CW

VICTORIA, BC, CANADA, June 13, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Celebrate Canada Day on July 1 with Canada-Give a Cheer! and other songs about Canada at SongsAboutCanada.ca by CW & the Motormen. They celebrate all things Canadian from the great outdoors to hockey – something for everyone!

These songs will have you cheering for Canada all day long. Enjoy a musical trip across the country listening to:

Canada Awaits – for skiers, canoeists, pond hockey players, hikers

Winnipeg to Onanole – no life and music like it

Calgary – Yahoo! You will recognize the imagery and people if you visited or live there

Island Home in the Salish Sea – for cyclists familiar with the ride from Victoria to Sidney

Saskatchewan to Peggy’s Cove – for all those hard-working folks that put food on our table

Mitch the Motorman – about a real oilpatch guy named Mitch in Alberta

Save Me From McJesus – a song for hockey fans and duffers!

This Canada Day, be sure to check out SongsAboutCanada.ca for all the best Canadian songs, and give a cheer for Canada!

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