DTEN Unveils DTEN D7X Dual and DTEN Vue Pro

DTEN VUE PRO Patent Pending


Eye-Level Camera Systems, Advanced Acoustics, And Powerful AI Functionality feature in these next generation video conferencing solutions.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — DTEN, a leading provider of collaborative communication solutions, announces the launch of the DTEN D7X Dual 75-inch collaboration all-in-one solution and the patented * DTEN Vue Pro a revolutionary camera system specifically designed for the D7X Windows Edition.

Available for order today, the DTEN D7X Dual, is a Windows-based solution, that enables even more dynamic collaborations across the hybrid workplace, with two spacious interactive displays, state-of-the-art audiovisuals, built-in AI enhancements, and collaborative touchscreens for whiteboarding.

With two 75-inch ultra-HD 4K screens, DTEN D7X Dual provides an extra-large canvas for collaboration. One of the device’s unique features is camera placement: the super-wide 120° 4K camera is centrally located between the two displays, ensuring in-room meeting participants are captured at eye-level. In addition, the DTEN D7X Dual includes the DTEN Vue Pro*, an additional patented 4x4K camera system which is engineered to enhance Zoom’s meeting equity and hybrid workspace features.

Robust visuals are matched with high-performance audio. With a 15-microphone array, DTEN D7X Dual clearly captures every voice throughout the meeting room. Built-in front-facing speakers provide exceptional sound output. AI-features enhance audio with proprietary algorithms for noise suppression and echo cancellation for clarity.

Like all DTEN hardware, it features plug-and-play simplicity in set-up; when paired with the DTEN Mate tablet, users can enjoy convenient Zoom Rooms meeting control from anywhere in the room and room scheduling. DTEN D7X Dual will offer even more features with upcoming firmware updates.

The new DTEN Vue Pro is a revolutionary camera system specifically designed for the D7X Windows Edition. The DTEN Vue Pro is equipped with four 4K cameras, again designed to flawlessly capture both near and far-seated participants in the room while providing eye-level individually framed participant views to remote team members. Instead of capturing all participants at the same resolution and viewing angle, the DTEN Vue Pro employs multiple lenses to capture both wide and narrow fields of view, ensuring optimal image quality and viewing angles for a range of room sizes. With its intelligent AI capabilities, the DTEN Vue Pro dynamically optimizes video output to provide immersive and engaging meeting experiences.

The DTEN Vue Pro preserves image fidelity and clarity from any distance. Whether seated 7, 14, or even 30 feet away, every participant will enjoy a consistent high-quality video image. Its multi-lens camera design provides enhanced versatility in covering spaces wide, near, and far, with combined coverage of up to 160 degrees.

“The DTEN Vue Pro is a game-changer in video conferencing technology,” says Wei Liu, CEO of DTEN. “By combining four 4K cameras with AI capabilities, we created a camera system that revolutionizes the meeting experience.”

The DTEN Vue Pro eliminates common visual distortions, such as the “fish-eye” effect, delivering crisp resolution and a natural viewing experience. The DTEN Vue Pro also overcomes common issues associated with PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras.

With the DTEN Vue Pro, users can bid farewell to drifting video, jerky camera movements, and narrow fields of focus.

The camera system’s AI capabilities ensure smooth and seamless video conferencing without the need for manual control.

The system automatically adjusts and optimizes video settings in real-time, allowing users to focus solely on their meetings without any distractions.

“The DTEN Vue Pro solves common issues with video conferencing, specifically cameras that do not have a wider field of view to capture those sitting on the sidelines and the fact that video images become blurry the further away participants are seated from the camera” Liu adds, “ With the DTEN Vue Pro both of these issues are resolved.”

As with all DTEN systems, setting up the DTEN Vue Pro is quick and effortless. The camera system seamlessly slides into a secure socket mount on either side of the D7X 55/75 Windows Edition, ensuring a secure and stable setup without additional cabling.

For more information about the DTEN D7X Dual, DTEN Vue Pro and other DTEN products, please visit www.dten.com.

*US Patent Application Number 17/994,634

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DTEN is changing the way people connect and collaborate through immersive, video-first devices and subscription services. Our solutions are found in businesses, schools, homes and hybrid environments worldwide, delivering intuitive, high-quality and real-life video conference experiences for every meeting space. As recipient of multiple international awards, DTEN is recognized for plug-and-play simplicity, superior audiovisual clarity, and fluent, elegant designs. DTEN was founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Jose, California; Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is an investor. Find more at www.DTEN.com.

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