Easter seen through the Eyes of Art

The Embrace B Version – Cesare Catania – year 2016 – Oil on Canvas

The artist Cesare Catania while sculpting

Cesare Catania describes the Embrace Project to the audience of Italy

Cesare Catania describes the Embrace Project to the audience of Italy

Easter is celebrated all over the world as a message of peace and a celebration of hope

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, April 9, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Easter is celebrated all over the world as a message of peace and a celebration of hope.

Although every people has its beliefs and rites, the derivation of the word “Easter” from the Greek pascha is unique and valid for all, in turn deriving from the Aramaic “pasah” and properly means “passing by”, therefore “passage”. And today all over the world we celebrate hope and the beginning of a resurrection understood as passage, crossing, liberation, rebirth and fertility.

In this context, the expression “Happy Easter” is an invitation to face obstacles and overcome them, to see difficulties from another point of view, daring and restarting stronger than before but together.

The importance of coming together, of being united against all racism and injustice is also the underlying message of the international socio-cultural project of the Italian artist Cesare Catania called “The Embrace Project“; a project that looks above all to the smallest and the weakest categories so that they are reborn inside in an intimate act of welcoming the other beyond any difference and ideology under the hat of a democratic art. His works of art send the same message, above all the series of paintings called “The Embrace” and his sculpture with a democratic background entitled “The Mouth of Etna” (E Version), the first contemporary art sculpture for colorblindness people. The same democratic and inclusive spirit has its NFTs and its digital art, an art for everyone!

“The Project was born from long reflections on the concept of ’embrace’, word and verb together, which is not limited to materializing in a physical act but goes beyond it by becoming an action: ideas are embraced. Visions are embraced. And in this sense, the hug becomes a way to involve people in artistic, playful and cultural activities in order to communicate beyond any geographical distance and any religious, social, cultural difference. In short, it becomes an intense, practical but also virtual gesture to get closer to the other, to change together and create something new together. A revolutionary act of peace. What better terrain than art to express all this using a universal language? The basic desire is that the Project can also be embraced by realities such as Institutions, Schools, Health Structures and transversal realities to be of concrete help especially to those weaker groups who have been left alone or in any case on the sidelines after the pandemic” he explains the artist Cesare Catania.

It all began for the Italian Artist with a 2016 painting, “The Embrace (B Version)”: this is the title of this masterpiece, an oil painting on canvas by Cesare Catania and strictly depicting the embrace between a man and a woman, broadly speaking the embrace between two people of different colors. And this is precisely the work of art that essentially links the Italian art of Cesare Catania and the sense of belonging and brotherhood of Easter.

Throughout the history of art, many clients have wanted to commission works on Easter from the greatest Italian painters and artists from Giotto to Caravaggio, passing through Leonardo, Titian and Mantegna, up to more recent historical moments with the dove drawn in the 1961 by Pablo Picasso, who made the biblical image the very emblem of the concept of peace.

Today even Cesare Catania – appointed official Ambassador of the World for the National Hugging Day in January 2023 by the American Reverend Kevin Zaborney – brings his message of peace to the world by joining the historical trail of all those artists and all those public figures who firmly believe in man, in brotherhood and in sharing.

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