Famous Con Man Hosts New Podcast on Fraud and Scams

Learn how to tell the difference

Former Con Man Steve Comisar

Ex scam artist dispenses powerful fraud prevention advice in his new Spotify podcast.

LOS ANGELES , CA, USA, April 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — When P.T. Barnum said there was a sucker born every minute he wasn’t joking. After Covid ruined millions of peoples lives financially, fraud and scams are now at an all time high. People who previously would never do anything illegal are now taking their chances and resorting to fraud just to pay the bills and survive. The only way to protect yourself against fraud and scams is to educate yourself on what the con artists are doing so you won’t fall victim to their clever scams. And what better a way to accomplish that than a podcast on Spotify that reaches millions of podsters.

Enter Steve Comisar a famous con man who the FBI once called “The Jeffrey Dahmer of Fraud.” According to Comisar’s Wikipedia page he got his start by selling thousands of solar powered clothes dryers. Advertised as a scientific method of drying clothes using only the power of the sun, buyers received a length of clothesline. Comisar then graduated to high dollar investment scams that eventually landed him in federal prison.

A free man since 2017, Comisar is hosting his own podcast on fraud prevention which promises to educate and entertain while dispensing powerful advice from The Don of Con himself. Each episode will take on a different scam and how to avoid being victimized. The first episode slated for July will teach you how to detect a counterfeit Rolex in 30 seconds. Other segments teach how to detect and avoid different scams that are prevalent today. And who better to do this than Steve Comisar the worlds leading authority on fraud and one of the most famous con artists who ever lived. Episodes will also delve into the exciting personal life of Comisar consisting of fast living, faster women, and high stakes gambling.

Spoiler Alert! Comisar is the only famous con man who is also a Hollywood actor. Beginning his acting career as a young teenager Comisar appeared in dozens of movies, television shows and commercials. As a way of giving back and making amends for his wrongdoings Comisar is doing this podcast to help educate society on all of the scams being perpetrated today and how to arm yourself with the tools necessary to avoid being victimized.

While in prison Comisar wrote the bestselling book, America’s Guide to Fraud Prevention, which he touted on nearly every television talk show and news magazine program after his release. He starred in the prime time television special, In the Mind of Con Artists, that was watched by over 10 million viewers. Comisar then starred in the critically acclaimed, award winning documentary, Making Crime Pay, which is now used to train federal law enforcement agents. As a crowning achievement Comisar became the on-camera fraud expert on The View and Dateline NBC.

As an actor Comisar is best known for costarring in the high action thriller, Tough Luck, with Armand Assante and Norman Reedus. The sequel, Tough Luck Rebooted, is currently slated for preproduction in early 2024. Comisar will reprise his role of Stan. He was released from prison in 2017 and is actively pursuing both acting and fraud prevention endeavors. He has been a member of SAG-AFTRA since 1983. He was trained in method acting in New York by Lee Strasberg. Comisar is 59 and resides in Los Angeles, California. His motto is “Talk low, talk slow, and don’t talk too much..”

By Brian Reynolds, Celebrity Newswire

Steve Comisar official website: https://stevecomisar.com


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