James Laurent SHOCKS Listeners with Debut EP “Icarus”

James Laurent on “Icarus”

How this Music Engineer for rappers such as Nelly, Smokepurpp, and A$AP delivered an emotional blend of Rock, Punk, and Hip-Hop has critics speechless.

The tears and frustration I’ve dealt with in hotels across the country while trying to build this life I’ve chosen for myself… It’s difficult. But I couldn’t be more proud of this art i’ve created.”

— James Laurent

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The three year wait for James Laurent’s Debut EP “Icarus” is finally over, leaving fans and critics in awe.

James, born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, initially garnered eyes as a 19 year old audio engineering prodigy for major artists and music labels in Los Angeles. Primarily working in Rap with artists such as Nelly, Smokepurpp, A$AP, Bigheadonthebeat, and many more. In a shocking turn of events, James moved away from his Rap roots. Building on the success of his engineering, James turned to his own artistry enlisting the help of Female Artist Laney Piper and producers Dutch Revz, SlayingIbis, Alexander Bierk, and Klimlords.

Now 23, James has delivered “Icarus”, a four song dark alternative rock and punk heavy EP. Although there are traces of hip-hop and rap remaining throughout the project, James has bared all, leaving a full spectrum of raw emotion to grasp onto. Each track is both compatible with the others, yet inexplicably different in terms of mood. The four song journey neatly brushes across lyrical subject matters such as perfection, toxic relationships, cheating, disloyalty, grudges, acceptance, hatred, self-growth, and isolation.

The up-and-coming artist has solidified himself in the music industry with this EP. The growth and maturity from when eyes were first laid upon him are startling. Stream “Icarus” now by clicking here. You won’t want to miss this.

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