Jeremy’s Journey: Fashion Photography Phenomenon Fuels Fascination with Footwear Firsts

Buzzing Berlin-Based Talent Tantalizes Trendsetters with Trademark Shoes

BERLIN , BERLIN, GERMANY, June 29, 2023/ — One of the most compelling emerging voices in German fashion photography, Berlin-based talent Jeremy, has recently created ripples in the industry and the public alike with a clever marketing maneuver – a pair of custom shoes bearing his unique logo. This distinctive approach sparked intrigue and speculation, effectively establishing Jeremy as a captivating figure within the fashion world.

In an industry that thrives on innovation, Jeremy’s dynamic engagement with his audience serves as a testament to his creativity, illustrating the depth of his commitment to his craft. Since his foray into fashion photography, he has worked with renowned local brands such as wrstbhvr and NoHugs. His photographs—praised for their unique perspective and fresh take on style—express a striking narrative, echoing the vibrancy of the local fashion scene.

The unveiling of his custom shoes in a recent YouTube video only heightened the buzz around this rising star. This clever integration of personal branding served to amplify whispers about Jeremy’s possible venture into the fashion industry. Could this signal the birth of a new brand, an expansion of his creative horizons? Only time will tell.

Despite his success, Jeremy’s journey into photography was not straightforward. A Google Local Guide initially, his photography received over 46.3 million views—a testament to his talent. In 2017, he transitioned to Instagram, harnessing the power of social media to showcase his artistic expression and garnering a rapidly growing following on his account, @nr.bln.

Fashion and street photography remain the primary focus of Jeremy’s work. However, his scope is far-reaching, encapsulating images that frame the urban landscape of Berlin, including landmarks such as KaDeWe—Europe’s second-largest department store.

Jeremy’s unique vision and relentless drive materialized into concrete form when he took a leap of faith in 2022. In the midst of the pandemic’s uncertainty, he acquired his camera—a Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ82—further honing his skills with tools like Adobe Creative Cloud programs, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

In September 2022, he launched his current Instagram account, @nr.bln. This platform enabled him to further explore the realm of fashion photography, allowing Jeremy to establish a unique and significant voice within the industry. His innovative approach, combined with a keen eye for detail, earmarked Jeremy as a rising star, capturing the attention of both the public and fashion connoisseurs alike.

Despite being relatively new to the field, Jeremy has shown a profound understanding of his craft and the industry. His adept usage of social media to leverage his brand and the intriguing rumors about a possible fashion brand launch indicate a promising future. He represents the new wave of influencers—talented, innovative, and interactive—set to revolutionize the industry.

As his journey unfolds, Jeremy continues to contribute substantially to the German fashion scene, offering fresh perspectives through his lens.

To follow his path, visit his Instagram account @nr.bln ( or his YouTube channel (

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