Keep America Beautiful Launches New Podcast Series: “Do Beautiful Things” with Host Jenny Lawson

“Do Beautiful Things,” hosted by Jenny Lawson, President and CEO of Keep America Beautiful

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STAMFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2023 / — Keep America Beautiful®, the nation’s leading community improvement nonprofit organization, is thrilled to announce the launch of its first podcast, “Do Beautiful Things,” hosted by Jenny Lawson, President and CEO of Keep America Beautiful. The podcast will engage experts and everyday people looking for straightforward answers to questions about the science, behaviors, business solutions, and policies that can help us all create more beautiful and sustainable communities.

“The ‘Do Beautiful Things’ podcast series is meant to answer questions that everyday people have about their environment and how to care for it better,” said Lawson. “We understand that some of these topics can be confusing and contradictory, so we’ll work to get to the facts and clear up the questions you might be asking yourself. Along the way, we’ll meet the experts and individuals solving problems in their communities.”

In the debut episode of the series titled “Recycling Reality Check,” Lawson sits down with recycling expert Dr. Michael Washburn, a consultant senior policy advisor with Keep America Beautiful. The episode explores crucial topics such as recycling myths, the importance of recycling plastics, and the economic and environmental impact of recycling efforts. Listeners will gain valuable insights into recycling behavior, the recycling process, and practical tips for making a difference in their communities.

The episode also features a special segment where Jenny Lawson is joined by her mother, Sally, who asks common recycling questions, allowing Lawson to debunk myths and provide clear answers to help listeners make informed recycling choices in their daily lives.

Listeners can look forward to upcoming episodes in the “Recycling Reality Check” series that will explore various aspects of recycling, including the life cycle of an aluminum can, the science behind PET plastic water bottles, and much more.

The “Do Beautiful Things” podcast is now available for streaming on popular podcast platforms, including Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, and Apple Podcasts. To stay updated on new episodes and learn more about recycling and sustainability, listeners are encouraged to subscribe to the podcast.

To learn more about recycling, and to test your knowledge, take our Recycling Reality Check quiz.

Funding in support of the “Do Beautiful Things” podcast series, “Recycling Reality Check,” is provided by Altria Group, Anheuser-Busch, Cirba Solutions, International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), Niagara Cares, Paper + Packaging Board, and Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company.

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