Kelsie Kimberlin Releases “Shattered,” A Song About Heartbreak And Redemption

Kelsie Kimberlin And Shattered Glass

Kelsie Kimberlin’s “Shattered” Evokes Musical Tears

The broader message here applies not just to personal relationships but also to other aspects of human existence. We are put here to be the best, to look out for each other, and to show by example.”

— Kelsie Kimberlin

WASHINGTON , DC, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2023/ — Kelsie Kimberlin, who has been releasing exciting music and videos every few months, has just released her emotionally powerful new song “Shattered” with an accompanying video about the toxicity of one-sided relationships and the hope of recovery after a breakup. As Kelsie puts it: “Shattered is a song that so many of us can relate to, either in our own lives or in the lives of loved ones. It is about an amazing girl who gave it all to a guy who treated her badly causing her so much stress and loss of self-confidence that she let herself go and finally broke into pieces ‘all shattered across the floor.’ But the song is also about her redemption, about how, from the depths of depression and despair, she found the strength to put it all back together and decide, once and for all that she deserved better. The broader message here can apply to other aspects of human existence, whether in the affairs of countries or business. We are all put on earth to be the best, to look out for each other, and to show by example.”

“Shattered” was filmed in the music studio with a live pianist and string quartet in order to portray the intimacy, realism, and importance of the music and lyrics. The string arrangement, conducting, and composition were done by the amazing Gian Philip Toro, who also played piano. Kelsie’s incredible vocals are featured prominently in a haunting choral arrangement and whispers under her poignant lead vocal.

Kelsie’s production team includes several Grammy nominees and winners, and her video team, led by director Zack Gross, spared nothing to get the proper feel for the song. Her friend, Pedro Vengoechea, a legendary Bogota music producer, added to the production along with famed Ukrainian producer Vasyl Tkach.

Since December, Kelsie has released a half dozen songs including, “Fruit Basket,” “Rooting For My Baby,” “Spoof I Wonder,” “Road Trip,” and “Road Trip Summer Remix” which have garnered millions of views and streams and received global radio play along with rave reviews on social media. Kelsie is an international artist and activist which is evident by her trip to Colombia earlier this month where she filmed two new music videos, and her trip this week to Ukraine where she will engage in humanitarian work and film even more music videos in support of Ukraine.

Kelsie is a proud Ukrainian-American and with every new release, Kelsie demonstrates her complete mastery of her craft, and “Shattered” adds a new layer to her professionalism. The buzz about Kelsie gets more pronounced with each song.

Kelsie asks everyone to share “Shattered” and to support Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine.

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