Memaree: Revolutionizing Social Media by focusing on Privacy and Authentic Connection

Memaree, the revolutionary social media platform prioritizing privacy and authenticity, is launching soon. Connect authentically in a safe and private space

KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, May 23, 2023/ — Memaree, a groundbreaking social media platform, is set to transform the way we connect, share, and express ourselves online. With its emphasis on privacy, authenticity, and meaningful interactions, Memaree offers users a refreshing and secure space to connect with like-minded individuals.

Memaree’s unique 3-feed design, Private Groups, Flipside features allow users to curate their online presence and engage with communities that align with their interests and values. By providing a safe and judgment-free environment, Memaree enables users to express their true selves and forge genuine connections.

Unlike traditional social media platforms, Memaree puts privacy first. Users have full control over their content and can choose who they share it with, ensuring a personalized and secure experience. Memaree does not sell or share user data, or allow other users to see who you are connected to, providing peace of mind to its growing user base.

“At Memaree, we believe in the power of authenticity and meaningful connections,” said Keagan Lovig, Founder at Memaree. “We are dedicated to creating a platform that encourages genuine interactions, fosters community, and allows users to share their stories without fear of judgment.”

With its upcoming launch, Memaree aims to revolutionize the social media landscape and offer an alternative to the superficiality and information overload often associated with existing platforms. Users can look forward to a more personalized, engaging, and meaningful social media experience.

Memaree invites influencers, content creators, and brands who share their vision to join in creating a positive and authentic online environment. Partnership opportunities are available to those seeking to make a lasting impact in the digital space.

For more information about Memaree and its upcoming launch, please visit or contact [email protected].

About Memaree:

Memaree is a pioneering social media platform focused on privacy, authenticity, and meaningful connections. With its innovative 3-feed design, Private Groups and Flipside features, Memaree empowers users to curate their online experiences and build genuine connections within a secure and judgment-free environment. Memaree is dedicated to reshaping the social media landscape and fostering a community where individuals can express their true selves and connect with others who share their passions and values.

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