MyPart Officially Launches Songhunt –  The First AI powered Song Search and Playlisting Engine

Songhunt – The First AI powered Song Search & Playlisting Engine

Songhunt has already secured a finalist position in both SXSW’s prestigious AI category and the WAICF international AI Startup Challenge

LOS ANGELES, USA, January 24, 2024 / — MyPart, the new benchmark of AI Song Search and Analysis, is thrilled to announce the official launch of Songhunt – the first AI-powered Song Search and Playlisting engine for music lovers at large.

Songhunt is an immersive AI Song Search experience serving as a musical compass guiding you to songs that match your emotions and thoughts, uncovering gems reminiscent of personal favorites and enabling intuitive playlist curation for an afternoon on the beach or a dinner party with friends.

“Until now, our technology was reserved exclusively for industry professionals. Creative executives at record labels, publishing houses, TV/Film, and advertising agencies have been harnessing MyPart’s AI to find the perfect songs for their creative projects” said Matan Kollenscher, CEO at MyPart. “With the launch of Songhunt, we’re now putting this powerful AI tool in Everyone’s hands”.

Songhunt resides outside of music streaming platforms, adding a refined exploration layer that introduces a pallet of song choices based on lyrical theme and mood, writing style, musical composition, song structure, sound and production features. It presents a content-based music recommendation approach through a visually rich, immersive interface.

MyPart’s investor and advisor, Tristan Jehan, who famously built The Echo Nest’s music analysis platform that was acquired by Spotify to power its personalization, adds: “These capabilities do not currently exist as a whole in any search engine or streaming platform, which tend to focus on metadata, trends, genres and historical listening data”.

Songhunt’s official launch brings forth the concept of dynamic playlists, enabling users to share playlists in a manner that empowers the recipient to further tailor and customize them for personal use, as well as export a snapshot of the playlist directly to Spotify. Examples of such playlists:

Songhunt has already been selected as a finalist in the prestigious AI category for the 15th annual SXSW Pitch, where trailblazing startups from around the globe showcase their innovations in Austin, Texas.

Further substantiating its appeal, Songhunt was also chosen to present at the international AI Festival (WAICF) to be held next month in Cannes, France.
Furthermore, Songhunt’s soft launch beta earned a top 10 Product Hunt spot.

Songhunt’s unique features include:

-Using Reference songs to discover songs that are lyrically, musically and/or sonically similar to the ones you love, e.g. ‘I’m looking for songs with cheeky lyrics a-la Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy,” or “I’m after songs that sound like Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids.”’

-Customizing searches to match exactly what you’re looking for. Search by genres, decades, instruments, lyrical themes and moods, and more, e.g. ‘Dance-able but angry ‘90s pop songs with lyrics about breakups.’

-Building theme, mood, and genre-based playlists that you can export to your favorite streaming platform and share with friends on social media.

MyPart’s president, Ronny Vance, former president of Geffen music and Interscope music who has over 40 years of experience in the music industry, elaborates: “MyPart’s magic is about finding songs without having to articulate your preferences in so many words… Based predominantly on song merits, it also democratizes discovery, leveling the playing field for lesser-known songs and artists”

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About MyPart

MyPart is on a mission to revolutionize song discovery. Its AI powered song search and analysis serves both music enthusiasts and creative professionals in pursuit of songs in the music, TV/Film, gaming, and advertising industries.

MyPart’s proprietary tech conducts unparalleled analysis of lyrics, musical composition and sonic relevance based on multidimensional domain expertise and a wide technology stack that combines multiple fields of machine learning and deep learning, natural language processing, aesthetic computational linguistics, digital signal processing and vector search together with harmony and counterpoint theories.

MyPart’s AI is fast becoming an industry benchmark. Most recently, it partnered with Hit Songs Deconstructed to launch ChartCipher, a game-changing platform that provides deep, real-time insight into the DNA behind today’s most successful songs. In partnership with Billboard, ChartCipher delivers granular song analytics for their most popular charts.

MyPart graduated from both of Universal Music’s innovation arms: Abbey Road RED in London and Capitol Records’ gBeta in LA, and won the MassChallenge gold award, Music Week’s 2021 Tech Summit and the Future of AI 2022 competitions, among others.

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