Nathan Morris Is A New Superstar On The Rise

The Singing Mortician and Social Media Phenom Has 2 Songs Rising Up the Billboard Charts

I wrote songs about what I was watching night after night. Death. Loss. Grief. It was in these lonely moments I was able to get to the heartbeat of me.”

— Nathan Morris

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2024 / — Nathan Morris is a fast, rising star with an incredibly, beautiful voice and a unique background. As a singer-songwriter he’s able to capture complex emotions and deal with challenging subject matter in a way that transports the listener to another level. Hailing from Kentucky, Nathan is also a podcast host, television personality, entrepreneur and…a mortician.

He confidently lives in the space between all these vastly different worlds and he’s carved an incredibly successful niche for himself. With two songs currently climbing up the Billboard charts and a tour in the works Nathan Morris is ready to win!

Growing up Nathan has always been drawn to multiple genres of music. The lush harmonies and soul of R&B alongside the bright catchiness of a Pop classic. That has allowed him to forge his own musical identity that’s simultaneously familiar while containing an unheard of freshness. His latest offerings, “Last Time” and “Yet” are both receiving tons of airplay along with critical recognition from the media. He’s gone viral multiple times and has become a social media sensation with over 7.9 million likes on Tik Tok fans are fascinated with Nathan.

As part of a legacy, Nathan began working at his first funeral home the same year he won the Indie Charts Independent Artist of the Year Award. Meanwhile one of his early singles, “Closure” became an international hit! While experiencing musical success he still found time to become CEO, expand the business to include 10 additional funeral homes and diversify by founding other companies.

When asked about how he’s still able to find the balance between music and working in an industry where he’s often, grief counselor, family mediator, and many other things. Nathan replied, “I’ve been doing a ton of personal growth. During Covid my mental health was shot. I turned to writing. I wrote songs about what I was watching night after night. Death. Loss. Grief. Sadness of others and myself. It was in these lonely moments I was able to get to the heartbeat of me.”

For Nathan this year is already starting off with a bang! He’s scheduled to begin shooting his own TV show this summer. You can witness Nathan’s electric, live performances on his national college radio tour with NACA (National Association of Campus Activity) or hear his illuminating perspective on life and death during one of his talks at mortician schools. Watch the video for his latest single, “Last Time” and revisit “Yet” all music available on Sony Orchard via Gator Aid Entertainment/WhatevaOK. For more information on Nathan visit Nathan Morris Music for press interview inquiries contact Zenobia Simmons.

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