Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution’s New Release, “The Hitcher Girl” is a Thriller Drama Mystery

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The 2022 mystery thriller by Denis Sobolev, distributed by Porter + Craig Film and Media, will soon be available on digital platforms.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — “The Hitcher Girl” is a 2022 drama suspense thriller film about a woman who sets out to reach a hidden beach in Southern California by means of hitchhiking. Found naked, bloody and distraught on a deserted road in Montana, the girl is supposedly named after a Jewish demon “Lilith.” She exudes a mysterious and seductive charm by all of those who come in contact with her. Unfortunately, she is also being perused by the police. The film has been signed up by Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution for the OTT release and will soon be available on all leading platforms.

Porter + Craig is currently in talks with other streaming platforms all over the world to ensure the film reaches a much bigger audience. The distribution has shown a tremendous amount of trust in the film’s story, production, and direction, as well as the cast members’ incredible acting. This is just one of the many independent films the media house, widely regarded as the preeminent outlet for independent film and television, has provided audiences over the past few months. The film is currently available on VUDU.

The low-budget criminal drama Denis Sobolev wrote and directed keeps viewers on their toes throughout the film. Lilith sets off a chain reaction of events in her persistent search for the mythical Zula beach on the Pacific ocean, which transforms the lives of everyone she comes into contact with along the way. The eighty-six minutes of a road trip and several encounters deliver a perfect dose of a thrills and intrigue. Dave Knapp and Jason Batish produced the film.

Lilith is played by Rebecca Rivka Prodan; the film also stars Matthew James Nordquist, Marisha Shine, Xavier Dean, Kenneth Best, Wendy Banks, Nic Caruccio, Ozzy Oliver and Preston Ward in supporting roles. Executive producers Evgenia Batish, Jeff Porter and Keith L. Craig, in a recent local media interview, shared the exciting news with fans.

“We are extremely happy to have the Porter + Craig film and media on board with us for the distribution of the film, it is in safe hands now, they know the right audience for the film and we expect audiences to make their way to their favorite stream platforms and watch “The Hitcher Girl” and let us know what you think. It is now streaming at VUDU. Independent films with such unique story-lines plead to reach masses and receive recognition.”

For more details and information, please head over to The Hitcher Girl – IMDb. Stream ‘The Hitcher Girl’ now at Watch “The Hitcher Girl”-VUDU.

Porter + Craig Film and Media Distribution made the exciting announcement for viewers about acquiring the rights to distribute the drama mystery film ‘The Hitcher Girl’ across digital platforms. ‘The Hitcher Girl’ is now streaming on VUDU. It is directed by Denis Sobolev and produced by Jason Bateman and David Knapp. The movie will soon be made available on other platforms.

Porter + Craig is one of the newest and most exciting partnership ventures in independent film and TV sales (based primarily in Beverly Hills with connections in Washington DC and Atlanta), with two youthful but experienced industry veterans joining forces to take digital development to the next level.

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