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Free Professional Domain and Email with Portfoliobox

Free Professional Custom Domain and Email with Portfoliobox Pro Plus

Sell Bookings and Events With Portfoliobox New Features

Sell Bookings and Events With Portfoliobox New Features

Portfoliobox’s 2024 update: Free custom domains/emails, new creative business tools, and enhanced user experience for artists at $12.50/month.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, May 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Portfoliobox is excited to announce a major update for 2024, bringing a bunch of new features to help artists, photographers, and designers manage their online business all in one spot. This update makes it simple to build a website, sell work, and handle business tasks like making invoices, getting paid through mobile, and setting up bookings.

Easy and Professional Branding

Creating a professional look online is key for creatives but can be tricky. With the new update, Portfoliobox makes this easy. “We noticed the cost of owning a domain and professional email was going up, making it harder for creatives,” says Hamid Abouei, CEO of Portfoliobox. “So, we decided to include a custom domain and email for free in our premium plan. We believe everyone should have the chance to look professional online without it costing a lot.”

This change is a big deal because it helps creatives look polished and professional without extra costs or hassle. Everything, from the website to the email, works together smoothly, helping artists focus on their work instead of worrying about their online presence.

New Business Tools for Selling and Booking

Portfoliobox isn’t stopping at just making websites look good. The 2024 update also brings tools that make it super easy for creatives to sell their work and services. “We want to help creatives make money from their passion, whether they’re selling artwork, photography sessions, or design services,” explains Hamid.

With these new features, creatives can:

Easily send invoices and quotes and get paid online.

Sell their products and services effortlessly.

Schedule appointments or sell tickets to events without any stress.

And the best part? All this comes at a very affordable price of $12.50 per month, making Portfoliobox a great choice for creatives at all stages of their careers.

Enhanced User Experience

Portfoliobox also focused on improving the overall user experience with this update. The platform now features an upgraded dashboard that is more intuitive and user-friendly. Creatives can easily navigate through the various tools and features, making the process of managing their online presence even smoother. “We listened to our users and redesigned the dashboard to be as intuitive as possible,” says Hamid. “Our goal is to ensure that creatives spend more time creating and less time managing.”

Flexibility and Customization

Understanding that every creative professional has unique needs, Portfoliobox offers flexible customization options. Users can personalize their website with a variety of templates and design tools, ensuring that their online presence truly reflects their brand and style. “We want every artist, photographer, and designer to feel that their Portfoliobox site is uniquely theirs,” Hamid adds.

About Portfoliobox

Portfoliobox is a platform from Sweden that helps creatives make their own websites and handle their online business without needing anything else. It offers three different plans, starting at just $3.50 per month, making it both powerful and budget-friendly for artists looking to grow their online presence.

With its latest update, Portfoliobox continues to support the creative community by making the digital world a bit easier to navigate, letting creatives concentrate on what they do best: creating.

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