Portland-based retail tech start-up Aisles has announced that it has raised M in a seed funding round

The news comes after the development of features like contactless payment and self-driving shopping carts.

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Aisles, the Portland-based retail tech start-up, recently announced that it has raised $10M in a seed funding round. The funding, led by co-founder Ignacio Rosales, will enable the company to continue developing and releasing new features that enhance the customer experience and simplify the shopping experience.

The investment came after investors saw the potential for disrupting the retail sector with innovations like its contactless payment method called Trustis and self-driving shopping cart that leverages AI technology. This payment system allows customers to pay for their purchases using their phones while the self-driving shopping cart creates a personalized shopping experience that saves time and money.

Talking to the media, its co-founder Rosales said, “We are humbled by the trust investors have placed in the technology. We had been working on Trustis for quite some time, and meeting the expectations of investors was crucial in our mission to create a seamless shopping experience. All shoppers have to do is create their shopping list, and the Aisles’ cart will guide them through the store. Moreover, with self-checkout, Aisles has created a weight and sensor measurement system inside the cart that lets customers know their total before checking out. The system will automatically charge the customer’s form of payment, ensuring a smooth and contactless checkout experience. For customers who prefer to pay with cash, Aisles has also created a pullout drawer where customers can deposit their money before they shop and receive change when they are finished. With the investment, our team at Aisles will continue to innovate and develop new features.”

The company also reached another new milestone, with more than 633,105 people already joining its waitlist which has a target of a million before it officially goes live.

The news of the investment is already generating more interest from businesses and investors across the globe who are looking to capitalize on their technology that simplifies the shopping experience, saves time, and ensures accuracy and security.

About the company

Aisles’ is an AI-based technology that maps out the store and locates the exact aisle and shelf of the item that a shopper is looking for, making the shopping experience more efficient and enjoyable. Additionally, Aisles’ safety features remind customers who have purchased items through their app to take proper measures if the item is recalled and alert customers if an item contains hazardous ingredients. The technology also prioritizes security as the phone locks into the cart, and can only be released using a face ID.

For more information visit: https://aisles.app/.

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