Radio Biryani creates great excitement in DFW

Radio Biryani, a radio station dedicated for South Asians in DFW is bringing quality infotainment to the community. Radio will never be the same again in DFW.

FRISCO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2024 / — Radio Biryani Launches in DFW – A high quality Infotainment for the Community

Radio Biryani launches in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as an exciting new radio station committed to enhancing South Asian community voices and fostering civic engagement. With a mission to offer more than just standard radio programming, Radio Biryani is set to transform how the DFW South Asian community connects with local culture, politics, and each other.

A Fresh Voice a Unique perspective

It is a well-established fact that the programming quality of South Asian radio stations in the US is much inferior to those from the sub-continent. Radio Biryani aims to challenge that premise and is bringing top notch entertainment to South Asian community. While South Asian film music in Hindi and Telugu is the core of programming, there is a heavy focus on issues affecting the growing South Asian community and bring out stories from the community that need to be celebrated.

“All we need is someone to listen to our morning show “Subah ho Gayi Dallas”, or “Cutting Chai” in the afternoon, or “The Drive Time Dhamaal” & “Happy Hours” in the evening, just once, and they would understand what quality entertainment is, says Usha Peri, the Managing Director of Radio Biryani.

“We recognize the uniqueness of each story in our community and see the value in bringing them to the forefront. Shows like “Baaton Baaton Mein” in the late mornings bring varied perspectives/ education to the community.” adds Usha.

Choosing the internet as the medium but focusing locally, Radio Biryani is revolutionizing how entertainment is dished out by adopting cutting edge technology. The dashboards of cars are dramatically changing, and Radio Biryani is riding the wave of that transformation. With industry leading Mobile apps as the primary source of listening, Radio Biryani is tapping into smartphones as the gateway of infotainment. These apps are instruments of active engagement for the listeners rather than passive listening, they are used to.

Promoting Civic Awareness and Participation

The growing South Asian community in DFW can participate more in local administration and politics. To enhance civic engagement, Radio Biryani actively collaborates with city officials and administrative bodies to provide a direct link between the community and its leaders. Regular programming will include talks and Q&A sessions with city officials, providing an open forum for discussion and engagement on local governance and community issues.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of balanced and inclusive political discourse, Radio Biryani invites representatives from both the Republican and Democratic parties to discuss their policies and perspectives. “Our aim is to foster a well-informed electorate by presenting all sides of political discourse in a non-partisan manner,” Usha adds.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of DFW

Radio Biryani invites all South Asian DFW residents to tune in and contribute to a radio experience that celebrates diversity, encourages civic participation, and strengthens community bonds. By providing a platform for dialogue and understanding, Radio Biryani aims to empower listeners to take an active role in shaping their community.

Radio Biryani is best experienced on the mobile apps and here are the links:

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About Radio Biryani

Radio Biryani is a South Asian community-centered radio station founded on the principles of quality entertainment, education, inclusivity, and civic engagement. Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Radio Biryani is committed to enriching the local media landscape by providing a platform that respects and amplifies the voices of all community members.


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