Ricardo Y Rey Burst onto the Scene with the Release of ‘Necesito Verte’

Necesito Verte by Ricardo Y Rey

Musicians Ricardo (Quiñones) y Rey (Reinaldo de Jesus) release their new single ‘Necesito Verte’, promising an exhilarating exploration of rhythm and melody.

Necesito Verte is about the yearning that comes from being separated from what you need most due to factors beyond your control.”

— Ricardo Y Rey

NEW YORK, NY, USA, January 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Musicians Ricardo (Quiñones) y Rey (Reinaldo de Jesus) burst onto the scene with the release of ‘Necesito Verte’. Their new single promises an exhilarating exploration of rhythm and melody, blending influences from Bomba y Plena to electro-afrobeat with a reggaeton flair. Released on December 25, 2023, ‘Necesito Verte’ showcases the duo’s anthemic persistence, captivating audiences worldwide with layered percussion, syncopated guitars, and wistful chants.

LISTEN TO ‘NECESITO VERTE’: https://tr.ee/WCQth953N8

Ricardo y Rey are a dynamic musical duo known for their genre-defying sound that blends a myriad of influences. From the infectious rhythms to the soul-stirring melodies, the duo invites audiences to embark on a sonic journey that reflects the diversity and vibrancy of their musical influences. Ricardo y Rey are gearing up to release new music throughout 2024 that will bring their electrifying sound to audiences around the world.

Individually, Ricardo y Rey have left an undeniable mark on the music scene, having toured and composed with an array of internationally known artists. Their collaborative journey includes projects with Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Alicia Keys, Antibalas, William Cepeda, Papo Vasquez, and Arturo O’Farrill. Ricardo y Rey have captivated audiences and critics alike for years so stay tuned for further announcements and be prepared to immerse yourself in the nostalgic sound crafted by Ricardo y Rey.

Connect w/ Ricardo Y Rey:

IG: @RicardoYRey | TikTok @RicardoYRey

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