Rising Hip-Hop Artist TXBYY Blends Tamil and English in Innovative New Album

Tamil Canadian hip hop artist TXBYY releases his new album that blends Tamil and English lyrics. He’ll be performing live at Dundas Square this weekend.

In my music, I integrate both Tamil and English lyrics to tell the story of my journey in balancing two cultures and languages.”


TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 9, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Hip-hop enthusiasts have been anticipating up-and-coming artist TXBYY’s, release of his groundbreaking new album “Viraivil” on Spotify which seamlessly blends Tamil and English lyrics. This unique fusion transcends cultural boundaries and reflects the experiences of individuals navigating multiple cultural and linguistic identities.

Vinoth Ramakrishnan, known professionally as TXBYY, is a rising star in the world of Tamil-Canadian hip hop, captivating audiences with his debut album titled “Viraivil.” This album introduces a blend of contemporary hip-hop musical styles and heartfelt English-Tamil lyrics.

“In my music, I integrate both Tamil and English lyrics to tell the story of my journey in balancing two cultures and languages,” explained TXBYY. “Hip hop has given me a platform to connect with diverse audiences, especially the younger generation, allowing me to express my true self and share my deepest experiences.”

TXBYY’s album is not only designed to inspire individuals in the global South Asian and Tamil communities, but it also encourages listeners from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams while embracing their cultural heritage. With its innovative approach, TXBYY’s album represents a new wave of artistic expression that resonates with audiences around the world.

This album release underscores the power of hip hop to bridge linguistic and cultural barriers, conveying universal experiences to a diverse audience. TXBYY’s album embodies his artistic evolution and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries in the genre while staying true to his unique style and heritage.

Last month, TXBYY released his popular single Kannazhagi on Spotify alongside an upbeat music video that showcases his background in dance, which is available on YouTube.

For more information about TXBYY and his recently released album, please visit projecttxbyy.com.

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