Santo Verduci, his original cartoon theme songs conquer children all over the World

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Singer-songwriter, voice actor, producer and showman, with his sympathy and cheerfulness he has given life to a new television genre of Kids TV

MILANO, LOMBARDIA, ITALIA, June 3, 2023/ — Transformers, Voltron, Digimon, are just some of his recording successes. Santo Verduci, an internationally known Italian singer-songwriter, recently released his new single on digital platforms, taken from a fairy tale by Collodi, ”Pinocchio”.

His vocal timbre is a distinctive sign both for music and for dubbing, in fact, in addition to producing his songs on records, Santo Verduci is an established director of dubbing and voice actor. In Italy he has lent his voice to many television series for children such as: Vir The Robot Boy; Mille avventure per Chacha e Bhatija, Kimba, i coraggiosi cambiano il futuro and many others. He has directed the Italian dubbing of several movies with important actors. International companies entrust his company, Sanver Production Ltd, with their works for localization in Italian, which is synonymous and a guarantee of quality.

For 13 years, he has hosted a television program dedicated to children called Contactoons. Inside a large spaceship, Santo Verduci travels the universe and informs viewers of all the news and curiosities that exist in the world. There is a topic for each magical element: Fire, for cartoons; Erde, for video games; Liucht, for fashion and trends; Diesis, for music and finally Rosèeua, for sport. The names of the elements have been taken from pronunciations in various parts of the world to make the TV format international.

Contactoons airs within the television syndication Universe ( with an early evening timeslot. Several cartoon series alternate within the TV show.

Thanks to this innovative formula for children’s TV, Santo Verduci has found the key to both recording and television success, reaching the hearts of many children and beyond.

His latest album entitled Contactoons 6, the original theme songs of the cartoons, is available in both CD and digital versions, on numerous digital platforms. The market for cartoon songs in Italy is thriving, and not only given the sales figures of the successful and long-lived music compilation.

The Contactoons compact disk is a limited edition as are the other productions of the artist who founded his Contactoons Fan Club – Santo Verduci, bringing the cassette back into fashion for all members and not only has distributed various collector’s DVDs for his public.

For all lovers of the genre and collectors, Santo Verduci’s albums must never be missing from their collection, especially limited edition products which will acquire an important collector’s value over the years.

He is currently the only singer-songwriter in Italy to carry on a tradition of over 40 years in creating cartoon songs. In fact, due or thanks to globalization, in recent times the openings of numerous TV series have been localized in Italian. Santo Verduci has localized for Disney several songs for the Italian channel Baby TV. His passion and professionalism as well as his skill allow him to continue producing new original cartoon theme songs for the Italian and international markets.

Thanks to the internet, music has no boundaries and the new generation consumes and listens more and more to the music they are most passionate about from digital platforms. In this recording reality there is Contactoons and Super Amici, the official collections of the original theme songs, sung by Santo Verduci.

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