“SIZZLE with Chef Mick” Premieres Encounter with “American Idol” Finalist Abi Carter on YouTubeTV Channel

Abi Carter performs for local crowd at Palm Springs VillageFest on the evening of September 14, 2023, weeks before “American Idol” audition.

Chef Mick Brown at Abi Carter Homecoming in Indio, CA

Chef Mick Brown at Indio, CA Homecoming concert for “American Idol” Top 3 Finalist Abi Carter.

AbiCarter cover ThisIsntOver

Cover art for “American Idol” Finalist Abi Carter’s new single “This Isn’t Over” released May 17, 2024

“The First Time I Heard Abi Sing” and “Abi Carter Sings Katy Perry at Palm Springs VillageFest” feature footage of singer performing at local street fair.

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, US, May 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Celebrating his 9th Anniversary since winning Grill Master Champion on Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen”, Chef Mick Brown, renowned for his culinary achievements, unveils two videos capturing his spontaneous encounter with Abi Carter, a current Top 3 Finalist on “American Idol”, premiering on the new “SIZZLE with Chef Mick” YouTubeTV Channel. With Memorial Day on the horizon, the timing couldn’t be more fitting.

The videos, titled “The First Time I Heard Abi” and “Abi Carter Sings Katy Perry at VillageFest”, provide a candid look at Chef Mick’s chance discovery of Carter’s talent during a walk through Palm Springs. The footage showcases Carter’s performances of Whitney Houston and Katy Perry songs, coinciding with her subsequent rise to prominence on the reality singing competition.

In “The First Time I Heard Abi”, viewers witness the moment Chef Mick stumbled upon Carter’s performance, recording the event on his iPhone. The authenticity of the moment is evident as Carter’s voice fills the night air, leaving a lasting impression on all who were present.

The second video, “Abi Carter Sings Katy Perry at VillageFest”, highlights Carter’s musical prowess as she delivers a rendition of “Firework”. This performance would later foreshadow Carter’s audition on “American Idol” and her journey through the competition.

Additionally, the videos showcase Chef Mick’s BBQ RESCUES! TV project, offering a glimpse into his culinary world beyond traditional catering services into the Arts.

Inspired by Carter’s performance, Chef Mick created a mock music video featuring Carter’s rendition of “Firework”, showcasing her talent and the energy of the streets.

As Abi Carter prepares for the season finale of “American Idol”, her journey serves as a testament to the power of talent and chance encounters.

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About Chef Mick Brown:
Chef Mick Brown gained recognition as the Grill Master Champion on Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen”. He has also appeared on “Farmer’s Market Flip” (Cooking Channel), Spike TV’s “Frankenfood”, “Vanderpump Rules” (BravoTV) and judged competitions such as the World Food Championships. His new “SIZZLE with Chef Mick” YouTubeTV Channel promises to offer viewers a unique insight into his culinary and cultural adventures.

About Abi Carter:
Abi Carter’s journey from a chance encounter in Palm Springs to “American Idol” finalist reflects her emerging talent in the music industry. A preview of her new song “This Isn’t Over” that was released on May 17th and is now available on YouTube.

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