Speed Through The Waters as AP Race Joins Forces With Lokkaroom

AP Race’s digital collections.

A Winning Combo: AP Race And Lokkaroom Join Forces

PLYMOUTH, DEVON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — AP Race’s fans can now connect with their club in a way they have never been able to before as they launch their own Lokkaroom.

The AP Race Club was born in 2019 when triple Olympic Champion and 14-time World Record Breaker Adam Peaty OBE and his former training partner Ed Baxter had the AP Race Clinics concept. An innovative version of a swim clinic where swimmers are coached by world-class experts and taught how to RACE!

After the massive success of the 2019 tour, where the AP Race Clinics team visited five venues all over the UK, Adam and Ed soon realised their visions for the swimming landscape could be made possible through the power of the AP Race Club.

2020, AP Race Plus was launched, an online digital platform to provide athletes worldwide with world-class guidance in specific swimming areas. With the number of projects and contents rapidly growing, the first full-time members of the team were brought on in 2021 to help take AP Race to new levels. 2022 saw sponsored AP Athletes, the launch of AP Race’s competition offering with the AP Race London International, and an even bigger passion for changing the swimming world in years to come.

Launching in April, AP Race’s Lokkaroom will deliver a holistic, immersive digital experience, offering a global Membership Programme, exclusive Fan Rewards, Collectibles, and Live Votes, with additional features such as Physical Merchandise, and members-only Auctions expected at a later date.

Offering a more profound way to connect, engage and support AP Race in and out of the pool, the Premium Membership programme provides fans exclusive access to a members-only lounge full of unseen content and perks.

Alongside memberships, AP Race will launch a series of digital collections, allowing friends, family, fans, and investors to own and trade collectibles of their favourite players and highlight moments and pieces of club history.

The final feature available on launch is live voting – giving fans the platform to get involved in the club’s most significant talking points throughout the 2023/24 season.

Powered by Hedera – one of the most advanced, secure, and carbon-negative decentralised ledgers – Lokkaroom provides a central hub for fans to access exclusive content, earn rewards, collect their favourite players, and vote on the club’s hottest talking points.

Visit our website to learn more about how Lokkaroom could help your club grow.

Lokkaroom uses HBAR Foundation’s Hedera Hashgraph decentralised ledger. We chose Hedera because it is carbon negative and has fast processing speeds.

About Lokkaroom®:

Lokkaroom® enables organisations, clubs, and athletes of all sports to create their own sustainable digital economies by enhancing the fan experience.

Developed by TMA Sport, Lokkaroom® adopts the best-emerging technologies to enhance the fan experience, offering digital ticketing, memberships, collectibles, votes, and rewards in one easy-to-use platform.

Lokkaroom®, powered by Hedera – one of the most advanced, secure, and carbon-negative decentralised ledgers – takes athlete, club, and fan participation to a new level.

Visit AP Race’s Lokkaroom: https://lokkaroom.com/ap-race/sign-up

Visit Lokkaroom’s website: lokkaroom.com

Visit Lokkaroom’s web app: sport.Lokkaroom.com

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