The Break-Thru Experience – Where Dance and Self-Discovery Collide in Spectacular Harmony

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The Break-Thru Experience – Where Dance and Self-Discovery Collide in Spectacular Harmony

Learn from elite choreographers their boundless skills showcased with Janet and Michael Jackson, guarantee a transformative experience. Regret is inevitable if you pass up this affordable opportunity.”

— Martone, EDM Recording Artist

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2023/ — Dance Revolution Begins! Join the Break-Thru Experience and Unleash Your True Potential!

Welcome to The Break-Thru Experience, an extraordinary dance journey that goes beyond the confines of choreography and propels you towards self-discovery. Led by industry icons Tina Landon and Jimmy Locust, this transformative workshop is your gateway to breaking through mental, physical, and emotional barriers that have hindered your growth as a dancer and as an individual.

Discover the dancer within and embrace your true potential at The Break-Thru Experience. This groundbreaking workshop is not merely a platform to refine your technique; it is a profound exploration of your commitment to the art of dance and a catalyst for personal growth. We are dedicated to helping you become not only an extraordinary dancer but also the best version of yourself.

Meet the Renowned Industry Icons:

Tina Landon – Master Teacher:

Prepare to be captivated by the unparalleled talent of Tina Landon, the multi-award-winning and Emmy-nominated creative director/choreographer. With her sensual yet powerful movement style, she has revolutionized dance in music videos and live tours since the mid-90s. Tina’s iconic choreography has graced performances by legends such as Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, and Shakira, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Her profound love for dance was ignited at an early age, nurtured by her mother’s passion for dance and music. Now, Tina’s vast experience and knowledge serve as a guiding light, empowering young dancers to carve their path in the music industry.

Jimmy Locust – Master Teacher:

Prepare to be inspired by Jimmy Locust, a highly esteemed dancer and choreographer who has collaborated with entertainment industry icons including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Quincy Jones. From iconic appearances in music videos like “Rhythm Nation 1814” to performances at the Grammy Awards and MTV Video Music Awards, Jimmy’s talent has graced some of the grandest stages. However, his dedication extends beyond his remarkable career. As the Founder and Director of Harmony Nation, an educational anti-bullying program, and the non-profit Locust Foundation, he is committed to providing accessible arts education to youth. With over 15 years of experience as a studio owner and master teacher, Jimmy is an unwavering advocate for empowering young dancers to pursue their dreams.

Workshop Highlights:

During this six-hour intensive session led by industry icons Tina Landon and Jimmy Locust, you will:

Elevate Your Dance Technique: Dive deep into your dance technique, focusing on advanced skills and performance dynamics to refine your artistry.

Master Professional Etiquette: Participate in workshops on professional etiquette, gaining invaluable insights to navigate the dance industry with confidence and grace. Embrace Industry-Level Choreography: Experience mesmerizing choreography designed to challenge and inspire dancers at intermediate and advanced levels.

Exclusive Q&A Panel Discussion: Engage in a captivating Q&A panel discussion with our esteemed master teachers, gaining exclusive insights into the world of dance and their unparalleled careers.

Personalized Feedback and Guidance: Have the opportunity for one-on-one adjudication with Jimmy and Tina (limited availability per city), receiving personalized feedback to elevate your skills as a dancer.

Scholarship Opportunities: Access scholarship opportunities from the Backstage Foundation and The Locust Foundation, offering financial support to talented dancers in need.

To discover more about our packages and pricing options, we invite you to explore our website or get in touch with us directly. Our team will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information for your Break-Thru Experience.

Tour Dates and Locations:

June 17 – Moving in the Spirit – Atlanta, GA

August 5 – Gus Diordano Dance School – Chicago, IL

August 26 – Soundbox Studios – Houston, TX

October 1 – Alvin Ailey Studios – New York, NY

October 28 – Location: TBA – Seattle, WA

November 5 – Millennium Studios – Las Vegas, NV

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to embark on an unforgettable dance journey with The Break-Thru Experience. Visit our website at for more information and secure your spot today!

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