Third Qemam International Festival for Mountain Performance Arts Concludes in Aseer

Third Qemam International Festival for Mountain Performance Arts Ends with Grand Parade and Concert, Successfully Showcasing the Splendor of Mountain Arts

ABHA, SAUDI ARABIA, January 28, 2024 / — The Theater and Performing Arts Commission recently wrapped up the third Qemam International Festival for Mountain Performance Arts with a vibrant carnival parade and a musical concert.

Held from January 20 to 27 at eight archaeological sites in the Aseer region, The parade showcased a variety of 20 Saudi groups and 25 international groups, all adorned in traditional costumes and performing 40 different mountainous performance arts.

The festival’s finale was marked by an enthralling concert from the star of the event, the renowned Saudi singer and composer Khalid Abdulrahman known for his traditional Arabic music genre.

Abdulrahman enthralled the audience with his top hits and melodies that resonate with traditional Middle Eastern music lovers. His performance, a fitting end to the festival, left a lasting impression with his soulful, iconic style.

Sultan Al-Bazie, CEO of the Theater and Performing Arts Commission, expressed his gratitude for the tremendous efforts put forth by all participants, both from within the Kingdom and abroad, in making the cultural event a remarkable success.

“This year’s festival introduced significant advancements in its array of activities, showcasing an eclectic mix of local and international theatrical performances and events across various venues,” he stated.

The festival featured a diverse range of cultural activities across the eight sites, not only spotlighting the region’s rich historical elements and traditional performing arts, but also including shops offering antiques and gifts, local food stalls, relaxation zones, artistic platforms, children’s activities, and services to enhance visitors’ access to the event locations.”

The festival presented daily performances by 45 Saudi and international groups in eight heritage villages, which are Basta Al-Qabil, Shamsan Castle, Bin Adwan Heritage village, Malik Historical Palace, Al-Mushait Palaces, Al-Abo Sarrah Palaces , The Castles of Abu Nuqata Al-Mutahmi, and Bin Hamsan Village.

The Qemam Festival also featured a variety of seminars and workshops that delve into folkloric traditions, covering topics such as the history of dabkah dance, the nuances of mountainous performance arts in Morocco, the intersection of performing arts and anthropology, insights into Korean and Japanese culture, and the importance of hand gestures in Kazakhstani mountainous arts.

The festival’s workshops provided a deep dive into various mountainous arts, covering topics like ‘Aita’ from Morocco, Georgian mountain performances, the unique arts of Algeria’s Aurès and Aseer Mountains, and showcase of Brooklet’s performance arts.

The third Qemam International Festival for Mountain Performance Arts successfully achieved its goals by introducing the local community and tourists to the rich heritage of mountain performing arts from around the world. It significantly raised awareness of the theater and performing arts sector, reated employment opportunities for local talent, and bolstered the prominence of performing arts in Saudi Arabia on both local and international stages.

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