Tyona Bowman Talks Directorial Debut with Stainless Cinema LC

Tyona Bowman is a professional actress, dancer, model and singer.

Behind the scenes from “The Contract” Starring Senator Kate Walker: Tyona Bowman, Cade King: Liam Galbraith

Scene from the film “The Contract”

the film The Contract started filming this spring

Behind the scenes from the film The Contract

Her current project is a film called “The Contract” is planned to be pitched for several film festivals.

The most painless feeling is to share the gift of succeeding,”

— Stainless Cinema.

LOS ANGELES , CA , UNITED STATES, June 16, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Tyona Bowman is a professional actress, dancer, model and singer. She is a natural entertainer on and off the screen. Originally from Columbia, South Carolina Tyona Bowman has been an entertainer all her life. She began dancing professionally at the age of 11 and has been pressuring acting since 2020. Appearing in films such as The Covenant, Self, and most recently Ghost Light. When she’s not working, she creates independent films with her company, Stainless Cinema LC.

The film is about Senator Kate Walker, a rising star amongst the Washington elite. Willing to play dirty and take out anyone in her way, she’ll do whatever is necessary in her pursuit of power. But when you fight the most powerful politicians in the world for a living, they’re bound to fight back. As Cade King, a bounty hunter with a sadistic streak, sets his sights on Walker, she’ll face more than she bargained for in her pursuit of the White House. Produced by: STAINLESS CINEMA LC, Writer/ Director: Liam Galbraith, Editor/ Assistant Director: Tyona Bowman, Camera Operator: Eli Beers-Altman. Starring Senator Kate Walker: Tyona Bowman, Cade King: Liam Galbraith, Maxwell: Avion and Price: Tyler Hampton. “This is why we can’t have nice things,” Cade King from The Contract.

“As head of the production company and Editor I really appreciate when a story is so good you can’t help but dream and visualize the characters actually going through their presented circumstances. That is what made me want to jump on the project. So, I’m thankful for our writer; Liam Galbraith for giving us a good story.” She added.

The film is set in Los Angeles, Ca. Be sure to follow her social medias to stay up to date on “The Contract” and Tyona Bowman.

Instagram: @tyonabowman & @StainlessCinema

YouTube: @Tyona Bowman


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Tyona Bowman in a fight scene

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