Wes Chapman Discusses the Unique Benefits of Membership in The Human Gathering

The Human Gathering

Wes Chapman, co-founder of The Human Gathering, recently discussed the many benefits of membership in The Human Gathering with fellow founders.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Wes Chapman, co-founder of The Human Gathering, recently discussed the many benefits of membership in The Human Gathering with fellow founders. The Human Gathering was created to bring together a select group of individuals who are dedicated to leaving a mark on the world, and who have access to the resources necessary to do so. Unlike traditional events or conferences, every person who attends The Human Gathering has been curated. The founders and their team spend considerable time determining the membership of the community and, in turn, strive to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Together, they have fostered a community of incredibly influential people, all of whom care deeply about the impact they leave behind.

The Human Gathering is a private network filled with today’s and tomorrow’s most influential leaders, all of whom are dedicated to supporting each other’s ambitions. Its members value integrity and character above all else. Members of The Human Gathering network currently number more than 300 powerful and influential decision makers from a wide range of disciplines and industries. Its members represent a combined market cap of more than $100 billion, including historically iconic brands to up-and-coming companies. A large part of what makes The Human Gathering successful is that from the beginning it has valued equality for all.

Co-founder Wes Chapman explained:
“The Human Gathering is truly non-partisan and truly diverse, including diversity of thought. We are the only private network in the world that celebrates true diversity. Whatever political differences there may be between our members, they simply do not matter. This is a safe place to truly be yourself, without fear of judgment. Everyone in The Human Gathering simply gets along. The Human Gathering is the least homogeneous network to have ever been assembled. No matter how well connected you may be in your industry, our network will open doors you didn’t know existed. Human Gathering members are no more than one degree of separation from any person, regardless of industry or status. Through The Human Gathering’s network, nothing is impossible. It is the only private network of high caliber members in the world that values integrity and character above all else. Every member must complete a vetting process. Ultimately, our founders make the final decision about who is invited to join. This level of commitment has created a network of truly like-minded leaders with shared values who build authentic relationships. Our members support each other’s ambitions and grow together. It is unlike anything else you have experienced.”

The Human Gathering provides its Members with an unparalleled level of access to both knowledge and relationships with the most influential people in the world. Every month, their team of Curated Connections Specialists work to handpick introductions for its members based on shared interests and mutual benefit, both in professional and personal life. Throughout a year of membership, each member will receive 22 curated connections that will help deliver real results. The Human Gathering also designs in-person events, including community meet ups, interest events centered around supporting a cause and having an unforgettable experience, and network gatherings that consist of two and three-day events.

Benefits of membership include:

Access to an unparalleled network that allows members to connect with like-minded, curated and real humans on day one.

Collapsing time through the ability to be either directly connected to, or one degree away from, any solution a member is looking for in their business, life, or
philanthropic needs.

Resources at a member’s fingertips, as members have unmatched access to capital raising, personal development, NGO support, business planning, health care, tax, legal, technology, and much more.

Safety. A seemingly lost part of the modern world is feeling safe – safe to share opinions, safe to be oneself, safe to share knowledge. The Human Gathering gives its members that safety, and inside of that safety incredible things happen.

Co-founder Wes Chapman also talked about what the time commitment involved for a member of The Human Gathering looks like: “If a member of The Human Gathering is willing to dedicate two hours a month to meeting with their curated connections, one trip each year to either a member meet-up or a Human Gathering sponsored in-person gathering, and one hour per month to make sure they are up to date on community activities, they will get value from their network. But the potential is limitless. Whatever a member is willing to put into creating and developing relationships, they will get back many times over.”

Investment in membership with The Human Gathering is an investment in the human and beyond. Comments from some members highlight the benefits that they have received. As one president and founder of a North American leadership company remarked, “My advice is to just throw yourself into the community. There are so many amazing people. I have met and made real friends with other members. I feel like we’ve really enjoyed our time together.” A senior executive at an international creative agency commented, “I get around 50 to 100 random emails a day. Not only do I not respond to most of those emails; but, I block most of them. I never imagined that answering the email from The Human Gathering would have led to meeting so many people that I’m now friends with and to the experiences I’ve been able to have. My life is fuller, as a result of being a member in The Human Gathering community.”

For more information and to apply for membership in The Human Gathering, visit the website at www.humangathering.com.

About Wes Chapman, co-founder of The Human Gathering

Wes Chapman is a visionary leader, committed to aiding global change through meaningful conversations. His work as the co-founder of The Human Gathering has opened doors to impactful collaboration and discourse between hundreds of the world’s most influential minds. By fostering this diverse, non-partisan environment, Wes demonstrates that effective solutions to societal problems come from bringing together people with varied backgrounds and perspectives. Through an annual conference hosted by The Human Gathering, creative solutions to complex issues can be discussed, discovered, and ultimately implemented on a far-reaching scale. Overall, The Human Gathering aims to provide a unique and powerful experience for leaders who are committed to personal growth, authentic connection, and positive impact in the world.

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