Author Iam N. Othing Introduces ‘The Spiritual World Vs. The Visceral World – Christian Spirituality in a Derisive World’

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updated: May 17, 2017

Jesus challenged nearly everyone He talked to. He shook previous understandings of the world’s ways and continues to do so today.

This publication by author Iam N. Othing attempts to eliminate conflicts that trouble people’s systems between justice and forgiveness, conflict and peacemaking, security and sacrifice, knowledge and compassion, and ultimately “human nature” and spirituality.

This book is designed to challenge those with their roots in the business, political, judicial, scientific and scholarly arenas. It is meant to question the understanding of patriotism and what it means to be a citizen. It will challenge individuals on what is just and the very existence of justice in our world. This book will call into question intellectualism and the real value of that knowledge. It will contest the place money and wealth has in the lives of human beings. Concepts of weakness and strength will be emended. A better understanding of the Good News will recalibrate the current classification of people as good or bad, and also add a third categorization.

“There really are two worlds out there; the spiritual world and the visceral world, and they are in conflict with each other every day. As Christians, we continually walk a line between the things of this world and the spiritual world. We know very well the visceral world.  We read about it and are immersed in it every day. The purpose of this book is to shed some light on spiritual world, invite the stepping over the line from the visceral world into the spiritual world and reveal the nature of the conflict that goes on between the two every day.” — Iam N. Othing  

“The Spiritual World Vs. The Visceral World” can be found in paperback at Amazon, Amazon Europe as well as on Kindle at the Amazon Kindle Store. 

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